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Lista de A - Z dos jogos do gênero Action RPG e RPG.

Adventure Time Heroes of Ooo
Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow
Castlevania 3
Castlevania 4 Demon
Crown Princess League
Dark Warrior Princess 2
Dark World: Lemur Fearless
Demon Hunter 2
Demon Hunter 3
Devils and Demons
Diablo 3: Dungeon Witch
Disk Cage
Dominated The Three
Doom Hemophagocytic
Dungeon Hero: Dark Dynasty
End Ri Legend 2012
Heroes Lore Zero
Heroes Lore 2
Ji War Gods: Fallen Angel Lucifer
Ji War Gods 2: Death Mysteries
Lone Wolf
Magic Robbery
Magic Sword: A Ghost Town
Outland 3D
Path of Warrior
Pirate King 2
Regulus World of Mythical
Saint Stone 2: Mask Revenge
Shinobi 2: Phantom Ninja
Soul of Darkness
Supernatural: The Destroyer Blade
Swallowed Demons
The Guardian Legend
The Legend of Zelda
The Witcher
Underground City
War Devil: Witch Romance
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